Play Like a Greenhorn

I was reading an article about the mindset of successful leaders and how they must be “Adaptable” in order to truly succeed in today’s constantly moving business world. The author highlights three important mindsets of leaders: the Gamer Mindset, the Beginner Mindset, and the Growth Mindset.

The section of this article that really stuck out to me today was the Beginner’s Mindset.

“The Beginner’s Mindset is rooted in openness, being childlike and curious. You don’t have preconceptions about the way things are and are eager to explore new possibilities. It’s about asking “what if” and “why not”, and not being dismissive.”

There are so many ways that having a curiosity about a situation, instead of a predetermined bias, can help solve tough scenarios. We go through our lives being trained to think a certain way about situations. I think we go through our lives on autopilot most of the time thinking we know what to expect and how to get through the obstacles.

We often live life and simply assume that what has been true before must be true in the future.

Entrepreneurs are able to see opportunities where the majority sees a mature market. Adaptive Re-use real estate developers see a diamond in the rough when others see an abandoned building.

Take Elon Musk for example. In becoming a very successful entrepreneur and visionary, Musk was not satisfied with the status quo. He pushed the limits with a company called PayPal and now continues to seek ways to change the way we think about the world around us through companies like Tesla Motors, SolarCity, and SpaceX. The goals of his entrepreneurial endeavors revolve around his visions to change the world and humanity.

It’s time we begin questioning the environment around us, the assumptions we have, and the actions of others to see what other pieces of information are hidden beyond what we think we know. Stay curious my friends.


About the Author: David Carpenter

I am an experienced Commercial Real Estate Advisor with a mission to create wealth for investors through Commercial Real Estate. However, I am also a family man! With 3 kids at home, I spend most of my spare time with my wife and kids supporting them in the things that they love. I like to mix in a little fishing, gardening, refinishing furniture, reading, and watching the Spurs whenever I get a chance.

David Carpenter